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ML Front Panel indicators

Matt Western

ML Front Panel indicators

Can someone pls tell me what the following indicators on the front panel of ML servers mean?

1 - The indicator that has a picture of what looks like a sine wave

2 - The indicator that has a picture of what looks like a sine wave in a box.

These are common indicators on many diferent models of HP servers, but do you think I can find anywhere that tells me what they mean!

Thanks in advance.
- Matt.
Honored Contributor

Re: ML Front Panel indicators

Hi Matt,

The sine wave is actually supposed to represent a heartbeat pulse. You know, the thing you see in emergency wards on TV. The pulses represent general server health.

The one which is enclosed in a box is the server internal health and the other is its external health. External health usually represents the power supplie(s), internal represents CPU, Memory, PPM etc.

To clarify, I have attached a small image taken from the ML370G3 front panel description as an example.

I hope this helps.

Matt Western

Re: ML Front Panel indicators

Thanks for the help Brian. That has cleared it all up for me.

Thanks again,