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ML server install onboard ship.

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ML server install onboard ship.

I would really appreciate some advise from you professionals. Im in China and biggest problem here is ofc translations.. HP Int web says one thing, the local HP guy offers different..

Im going to order servers and PCs for tot 8 ships. Server to be used as domain controller and file server, a very simple e-mail exchange software and simple Java based maintenance program/database to be installed.

What do you think of this:
HP ML150G6. Part no: AU658A.
Xeon E5504.4Core/2.00GHz/4MB DDR3-800.
4 x HP 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600E-9 (or 2x4GB)
2 x SAS HP 300GB HDD, 6G,15K.
HP Smart Array P410 array, 256MB cache.
Raid 1
C:\ 100GB
D:\ 200GB
Back-up to ext. USB disc 1 time/week.
Win Server 2003 R2 Std or 2008 R2 Std depending on if mail software is compatible..
APC UPS 1000 VA.
3 year HP Care Pack.

As it's a ship, support and especially service is very limited to major ports so I want reliable hardware. Server/PC/Ups will have anti vibration kits.

A question no one can answer over here is: There will be only 2 volumes and I read here that it's the limit with zero cache. What are the benefits with the 256 MB cache vs without?

I've learned a lot from this forum and looking forward to some replies :) Thanks in advance.
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Re: ML server install onboard ship.

How many ? I assume very few (concurrent) users on this server and the server hw looks ok.

I would definitely get the 256MB cache and in addition I would get the battery option as well. It make a huge difference in the i/o performance of the raid controller.

The international specs are here

What are they telling you different locally?
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Re: ML server install onboard ship.


Get the 256 or 512 BBWC memory options for additonal data protection against any (software/hardware/power/crash, etc...) issues that may arise.


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Re: ML server install onboard ship.

Hi TTr and Cnb, tks for info.

Each ship will have 1 server and 5 clients/desktop/towers, and the load on the server will be very low.

The biggest problem is the language, the local HP guy does not speak English very well and even if you ask and write examples you can get "yes yes" even if they are not sure.. just misunderstandnings cus they want to understand.

He's still surprised after all explanations that I require all software in english. The other day I thought he finally got it, then i got: "aah you need english software?" Yes please :) That's just the way it is, im used to it so that's why I have double check everything.

Have also tried to get preinstalled English Win 7 desktops from the factory as they are all made here anyway but everbody says,including the factory, it's impossible, on guy said, but the pc's are shipped to US/Europe in parts, no way I said..

Defenately a useful link, i've missed that one, I'm impressed by the HP web pages, never stop to impress me.
Today I run HP everywhere, even at home.
When I bought my private pc in China I just choosed the biggest model then asked the guy in the store to use his pc to verify that all drivers were found at
30 min later at home I formatted the drive to get rid of the Chinese USD30 Win 7 home and then installed my USD120 English Win 7.

Thanks again