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ML10 v2 Setup

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ML10 v2 Setup


I am almost entirely new to the server scene. I just setup my first Microsoft AD DS server on a dell the other day, but now the small business that I work for has gone and purchased an HPE ML10 v2, and I am having some difficulty getting it configured.

I am new to iLO, but have done some research. I know how to connect to it, and because it has an advanced license I am able to launch remote console sessions, which I am in love with!

However, I am new to RAID, and HPE. I need some help setting up this ML10, hopefully someone here can help me.

These ML10v2s do not have intelligent provisioning, and I am having issues installing an O.S. I have updated firmware and everything for the server, and iLO, but when I go to install Windows Server 2016 Standard it doesn't find any of the three 1TB SATA hard drives I have installed. If someone could tell me how to get these configured (not looking to setup RAID on this server), that would be splendid!

Honestly, if I could get Server 2016 installed I could figure out the rest later. I have registered the server and can install drivers, etc, but I need working drives to do that! 


Matt with Xero

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Re: ML10 v2 Setup

Turns out I am blind and didn't think to click on SSA. Nevermind!