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ML110 G2 + 400GB sata hdd

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ML110 G2 + 400GB sata hdd


I hope that someone can help me..

Currently, we have a ML110 G2 with the default 80GB sata harddisk. We want to upgrade the server with a 400GB sata harddisk. I only can find a official hp-supported 250GB hdd.

Does someone have some experience with the ML110 G2 and larger harddrives (like 300 or 400GB?).

I know that the G3 supports 500GB, but replacing the server is the solution we want.

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Re: ML110 G2 + 400GB sata hdd

sorry, replacing the server is offcourse NOT the solution we want :)
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Re: ML110 G2 + 400GB sata hdd

I added 2 extra SATA hard disks to my ML110 G2 using a Promise FastTrak S150TX4 card. This is a relatively low-cost solution ($70 approx for the Controller)

This has given me a RAID 1 system for secure storage of my data on "Drive F"

I left the Operating system on the original disk.

If I would do this again today I would upgrade to a SATA-2 system giving 300Mbps, rather than the 150Mbps of SATA-1

Check out and their HBA Host Bus Adaptors