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ML110 G3 SATA upgrade to SCSI boot problems

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ML110 G3 SATA upgrade to SCSI boot problems

I have a SATA ML110 G3 that im trying to upgrade to SCSI. I am unable to see the controller in bios to set the boot priority or see the scsi controller during post. I want to disbale the SATA drives and boot from the new scsi conroller. What do I need to set in bios or on the scsi card to boot from my scsi drive? I have the u320 374654-B21 card installed. Thanks...Rich
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Re: ML110 G3 SATA upgrade to SCSI boot problems


mmm a little difficult uhh


How do I add a new option card to my system or change the existing configuration?

To add a new option card to the system, follow the manufacturer's directions for initial device configuration and instructions on inserting the card. You should refer to your computer owner's manual for information on how to open the system case.

Most option cards are configured by the operating system and many operating systems will recognize the addition of a new option card and ask for information about its operation (typically supplied on a separate disk or CD). The BIOS does not need to know about these cards.

However, the BIOS will need to be configured for devices required to boot the machine, such as a disk attached to a new SCSI option card. When the system is first started, use the appropriate interrupt key to go into BIOS Setup (shown on the screen shortly after start-up), and select the option that allows you to choose the boot order.

-> In an AwardBIOS-equipped system, this option is selected under "Advanced BIOS Features".

-> In PhoenixBIOS, this option is selected under the "boot" menu option.

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Re: ML110 G3 SATA upgrade to SCSI boot problems

MAN that ML110 is a bad machine.
Anyway, an expansion card will not show up in the systemboard BIOS. It has have its own BIOS. While you can have parameters for the inboard SATA that could be configured, the SCSI card has its own configuration in BIOS. One may be the ability or not to be in the Boot Strap, If it is not already. With out a device with a boot sector attached to it, it will not be visable. Of course if you do not have a SCSI device even attached to the card, its BIOS willl not even load and you would not even know it was installed.
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Re: ML110 G3 SATA upgrade to SCSI boot problems

What is the reason for leaving the SATA drives in the unit - are you using these for some data storage? Why would you want them to remain bootable? I'm just trying to get a feel for how you are going about the transition - Did you install OS on the SCSI drive already? Have you tried booting on DOS diskette and running fdisk to disable active boot partition on the SATA drive? What is your configuration - RAID settings, etc?