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ML110 G3 Scsi

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Carlos EMG
Occasional Contributor

ML110 G3 Scsi

Hi we have an old ML110 G3 with a Scsi 36GB Hard-drive, due to storage constrains I need to install a second hard-drive.

The problem is the cost of a new SCSI hard-drive its just not worth it, would the server work with a SATA hard-drive and the SCSI hard-drive already installed?

Occasional Visitor

Re: ML110 G3 Scsi

Hi Carlos
Yes, the server should work with SCSI and SATA HDD at the same time.

The procedure to remove SATA and SCSI hard drives is the same with one exception. The data cable for SCSI drives connects to the SCSI controller, not the system board.

There are 2 different controller cards for this server:
Integrated 2 ports Serial ATA Controller(SATA Models)(Need to be enable in BIOS)
HP Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter (SCSI Models)

Please check these links:

You could use this spare part number to purchase the SATA HDD: 373311-001
80 GB NHP SATA 1.5 GB 7,200 rpm Hard Drive

Carlos EMG
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML110 G3 Scsi

bob thank you very much!