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ML110 G3 Server doesn't start

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ML110 G3 Server doesn't start

When I turn on the server it gives 6 beeps, and then nothing happens.

The fans are working, the motherboard has 2 leds ON.

The power led on the front panel is ON.

There is nothing displayed on the monitor.

What could it be?

What these 6 beeps mean?
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Re: ML110 G3 Server doesn't start


it can be different since processors issue or memory issues.

try to minimize the server.

1 Proc (the only one I know)
1 memory module
No PCI cards

try to test different memory module one at a time to get which parts is causing that issue

also check that everything is properly seated, processor, heatshink, HDDs and so on

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Re: ML110 G3 Server doesn't start

I already tryed that.

I have replaced the memory by other modules that are working on other PCs.

I haven't any installed card, and I already tryed without any HardDrive.

I have even replaced the Power Supply unit.

I believe the problem may be in the CPU or motherboard itself, but I thought that the 6 beeps had a meaning.

I didn't found this meaning in any manual.
There are 6 short and fast beeps with the same interval between them.