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ML110 G4 Crash with blank screen

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ML110 G4 Crash with blank screen

I have two ML110 G4's beside each other (enough room for air flow), one running SBS 2003, the other Standard Windows 2003 Server.

The Standard W2K3 server has begun crashing quite often, it will not answer a ping, can't be remote controlled and the screen is blank at the console, the lights and fan are all still on though (much like and event log only gives a "the shutdown at ... was unexpected", no other errors.

This began crashing occasionally when their was high memory usage (due to alot of web browsers open on it), but is now happening every few days.

I've googled and searched through HP's ML110 G4 product pages, and forums, the only thing I found is this mention of storport (, which once I am in front of it and turn it back on will try.

I've already installed all the missing drivers, for network and IP NULL, installed latest drivers from for chipset, graphics, I've even updated the BIOS.

I notice this chap also has a similiar problem, though he's using Windows 2000 ( Which leads me to think it's a hardware issue.

I ram a memory test from and it said it passed with no errors.

What I would say, is they came with 512MB memory installed, I took one of these out of the SBS server and put it in the standard server. I then bought a 2x1GB memory and installed these into the SBS server. I made sure to put them in slots 1 and 3.

I do need to upgrade the memory in it, 1GB is a bit low, 2GB would be better or ideally 3GB, it's a Terminal Server for a 3-4 people.

Am I on the right path with memory, even though a test reported it ok, or could it be something else? Anyone else had this problem and resolved it?
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: ML110 G4 Crash with blank screen


Most of these "mystery reboots" are due to some bottlenecks. I would advise you to do a complete firmware update.

If still it behaves the same, raise a ticket with HP & get the tech support to research on it.

Most likely, they will request you to provide a HPS report.(they will tell you how to get that).

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Re: ML110 G4 Crash with blank screen

Hi James,

Thanks, except it's not actually a reboot, it crashes/locks up/freezes/hangs, whatever with a blank screen so I don't know what it's doing, but I can't ping it or otherwise access it remotely, and keyboard or mouse have no effect. I have to actually go to it and power it off and on again.

The only firmware to updates would be:

Network (had enough trouble getting the right driver)

Storage Controller (which one, it's a basic ML110, didn't install any additional RAID Controllers, just a SAS drive in there).

Lights Out (don't use it, why would it be getting worse?)

I used the HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition, did a complete test on all components twice, no errors found.

It sounds a familiar issue to others, I wonder what they did to resolve it (other than replacing the ML110 with something else).

How much will that cost? It's probably out of warrenty etc. by now, can I do a HPS report myself and see if it turns up anything? How can I do one?
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Re: ML110 G4 Crash with blank screen

I actually had a problem a bit different to this. I've got a HP Proliant ML110 and it about 2 or 3 months ago it was fine running windows 8. About a month ago i tryed booting it up and displayed an error message. Something along the lines of "Windows cannot be started. This problem could be due to a recent software or hardware change". I hadn't changed anything and just today i tryed to boot it up because I wanted to run NAS4Free on it as a family server and I turned it on and and the computer was running and fans running a high rpm. I had a monitor connected via VGA and there was nothing on the screen. I tryed manually turning the screen on and all i got was 'Power Saving Mode' on the screen. I changed the screen about 3-4 times and it just wouldnt work.