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ML110 G4 Hard drive firmware update

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ML110 G4 Hard drive firmware update


I have 2 customers wtih ML110 G4's, both with 2 ST3160812AS seagate 160GB Sata hard drives in a raid 1 array.They have been randomly hanging for a while now.

We have done the mainboard firmware update from the incorrect Intel raid firmware to the adaptec raid firmware. This didnt resolve the issue.
We have done a clean install of Windows 2003 SBS on both servers but still the same problem.
However in the process of doing this we broke the array (on purpose) for one of the machines, and returned it with the original installation of SBS (broke the array and only did a fresh install on one drive to test, so the other was left intact).
The server ran fine while the array was broken. Left it for 2 weeks, and no lockups.
I went out and put the other drive back in the machine, rebuilt the array, and that night the machine hung again. So it looks like its something to do with the raid controller or hdd's.

After some looking around I found that there is a firmware update for the ST3160812AS. The version on the hdd's currently is AJJ, the updated version is AJL (Found here: ). However it would appear that the only way to update the firmware on these drives is using the Firmware update CD, but this is doesnt support the ML100 series servers.

Does anyone know of a way to update the firmware on these drives in this case? Its just about my last thing to try to see if it fixes this problem...

Many Thanks
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: ML110 G4 Hard drive firmware update

Hello Andrew,

I had a similar situation TODAY !(would u believe ?) Same HDD.

A closer look reveals.. the Prerequisites for this FIRMWARE UPGRADE:

Must be used in conjunction with the HP Smart Update Manager, available on the Firmware Maintenance CD.

This disk drive component requires :

* Smart Array E200/E200i firmware version 1.50 or later
* Smart Array P400/P400i firmware version 1.80 or later
* Smart Array P600 firmware version 1.50 or later
* Smart Array P800 firmware version 1.80 or later

Hence, I have suggested the customer to MOVE the HDD to a server(non 100 series) with one of the above controllers. & update it.

NB: DATA Backup is Mandatory.

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Re: ML110 G4 Hard drive firmware update

Thanks Happy Dude,

I thought of that option as well, but we currently dont have a server available to do that. Hence wondering if there was another way to perform the update ;-). Its a shame there isnt a firmware update CD for the 100 series servers...

I will keep looking around...
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Re: ML110 G4 Hard drive firmware update

I would be more prone to a driver causing the problem and not the actual implementation of RAID, certaining not a hard drive firmware, but you can certainly ask Seagate if they know of issues. I do know that they do not flash firmwares anymore, well at least give them out without specific ided issues and keep them 'close to the chest'. Most of the HD manufacturers have gone this way, taking on the 'ifit is not broke don't fix it attitude.
A clearer troubleshoot would be to now try RAID without Windows, with XP and not SBS, then Server, not SBS; to try and find out who's issue this is. I always first look at Microsoft, then drives for Microsoft for my troubles.
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