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ML110 G4 Loses BIOS Configuration

Matt Sonnentag
Occasional Visitor

ML110 G4 Loses BIOS Configuration

I have a brand new ML110 G4 in the field that seems to be losing part of it's BIOS configuration. The only information that seems to be incorrect is what drive to boot from. System config is setup for a single SATA disk booting the OS and a seperate mirrored SATA array configured using the embedded raid controller for data.

When the system is rebooted unexpectedly (usually from a powerfail, but also from a hard shutdown - ie plug pull), this situation shows up. A normal shutdown and reboot seems to work fine. This problem appeared once during initial setup of SBS2003, but has subsequently appeared in the field. I believe the issue was caused by the end user pulling the plug in an effort to restart the non-repsonsive server.

Once this scenario happens, the configuration of the machine indicates that the mirrored disks are the default boot drives. Simply updating and saving the bios will allow the machine to boot normally. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Ivan Bertovic
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML110 G4 Loses BIOS Configuration

did you check battery on the motherboard? that could be the reason for losing configuration when powerfail (when you pull the plug)