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ML110-G4 Noise ?

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ML110-G4 Noise ?


Can anyone advise how noisy is the ML110-G4 during normal operation?

For example, would it be quiet enough to run in a bedroom/study/office?

The product quickspecs quotes an operating noise of 6.0 BELS - is that loud?

Any advise much appreciated...
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: ML110-G4 Noise ?

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Re: ML110-G4 Noise ?

I run the ML110 in my study, where I don't notice the noise.

In your bedroom you might notice the noise for a few days, but after that not worry about it.

- in fact, the "white noise" might help you go to sleep better

Don't forget that you will need a sound card or USB speakers if you want to use it as a regular PC.

Also, you should install extra memory, so that you have matched pairs of DIMMs. As supplied, the ML110 has only a single DIMM fitted.

This will improve the performance of the overall system by 10-25%

- the background is explained in the attached document ( Click on the paperclip in the top right )
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Re: ML110-G4 Noise ?

From the quickspecs...
Acoustic Noise Idle
(Fixed Disk Drives Spinning)
L WAd (BELS) 5.5
(Random Seeks to Fixed Disks)
L WAd (BELS) 6.0

There hisg fan speed when the server is powered on, it lasts for about 15 seconds. Then they would go lower and the "noice" is barelly noticeable.
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