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ML110 G5 Error Beeps

David Whyte
Occasional Visitor

ML110 G5 Error Beeps

Hi all,

I have been getting almost inaudible beeps for about two minutes from my ML110 G5. These go away on there own with no crashes or errors in Windows.

Today though, I had a very audible set of beeps which lasted for up to 30 seconds. These were short and continuous.
They seemed to come from the power switch area and there may have been a change in the HDD led from green to amber? (I wasn't in the office at time, this was reported to me).
Again, the Server carried on as normal with no loss of function or Windows crash.

I have had a bad batch of SATA hard drives of which 2 have been replaced under warranty but one still remains.
The other thing I can think of is the heat in the office is high due to the number of machines, but none of the others is having a problem and it isn't very very hot!

The other issue is where do you find info about these beeps/error codes etc for the ML100 range.
The troubleshooting/service manuals suggest you can use SmartStart CD/Insight Manager and/or System Health LED and other diagnostic tools but none seem to be readily available even if they worked with the 100 range.

Is there somewhere that the Server stores info about system errors to do with hardware that don't show up in Windows?

Would you have to buy an Ilo card to store that info etc?

My system is using SBS 2008 with the onboard Sata Raid. Looking to move to an E200 Raid card. 6GB ram, Dual Core Xeon.

Dhanesh Amirthalingam
Regular Advisor

Re: ML110 G5 Error Beeps

Hi dave,

since the server is having multiple problem
such has

1.HDD issue
2.error sonud
3.heat issues

you try to reseated the heat sink with new past first and try to clear the bios ,try to update the firmware for the Hdd keep the server under the cool place and good maintenance ,try to check the earth powering and the ,while you are buying the Ilo card i can suggested you to procure the advance license pack to you can monitor the server ,through this

try to update the firmware and bios ,drives to the latest below link FYI