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ML110 G5 Power Problem

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ML110 G5 Power Problem

Hi, my first post of just hoping for confirmation before I spend some money.


Have a ML110 G5 server, and yesterday the power tripped out. I wasnt here and someone turned it back on, it tripped several times and was turned back on each time in quickish succesion.


Server has now stopped working.


I have an amber health LED on the front panel when the power is connected, and the internal LED's are as follows:


Motherboard LED - Blinking green

Standby - Solid green


The PSU LED comes in solid green as the fans start to spin up, then they cut out and the LED goes off after 1 second or so. It then tries again and the same thing happen. It repeats 3/4 times then stops, waits a short while and repeats again.


I have removed all the RAM from the machine and it does the same thing still.


I am thinking the PSU has died, but just looking for confirmation before spending money on a replacement one. Any help anyone can offer greatfully apprecaited.


Had the server for a few years now and this is the first non microsoft related problem i've experienced with it.




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Re: ML110 G5 Power Problem



IMO,there may some possible errors,



1、As you said,it may be a Power Supply problem


2、Systemboard problem


3、Power switch cable short circuit problem


4、PCI Card or other hardware errors



My suggestion,


1、Reset CMOS to factory defaults and start the server


2、Use minimum hardware configuration to power-on the server


3、 Disconnect power swtich cable from systemboard and use a screwdriver to short-connect Power jumper pin on the systemboard



Hope this will help to verify the source problem!