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ML110 G5 Really slow user experience

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ML110 G5 Really slow user experience


I am experiencing extremely user experience (screen lag) on my ML110 G5 running Windows Server 2008 w32.

It is really jumpy and if I am in a program with a scrollbar (browser for example) when you scroll the mouse moves but the scrollbar stays in the same place for about 1 to 2 seconds and then judders down.

Also switching between windows takes 1 to 2 seconds for the redraw - and often yields a "not responding" message in the title bar of the window  - aweful performance !


I have 3 of these machines all bought at the same time and are identical - and put Win Server 2003 on one of them last year and have never had a single problem - so its NOT the hardware.

What could cause this? I applied the bios, chipset and graphics drivers.


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Re: ML110 G5 Really slow user experience



Youmay update the BIOS and lights out firmware. In most of the cases, updating the firmware will fix the issue.

You may download the firmware from below link.




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I am an HP employee.

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Re: ML110 G5 Really slow user experience

HI, **bleep**!

I'm from Russia and I've got the same lags problem on simillar G5-WS2008.

Have You finally solve it? Were those recomendations helpfull and efective?

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Re: ML110 G5 Really slow user experience

I did updated firmware (as provided in post #2), did also updated some patch that was necessary to bring back the fan function as it was (otherwise it was running all the time at full speed)

but the PC is still very slow on scrolling... so basically that didn't helped at all!


Was wondering what else i can try ? is there a way to add some external graphic card to this Server ?

I remember this server was running very smoothly in the past! not sure what happened, after its formatted its crap now..

Tried XP it was the same, now its with Server 2003 R2 Standard, and same slow motion experience :)

Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance!