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ML110 G5 Server 2008R2 insigned Drivers

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ML110 G5 Server 2008R2 insigned Drivers

Seems I am comvering old ground. But a fresh installation of 2k8R2 Enterprise onto a ML110G5 nets me the cannot find signed drivers error.

based on the many posts, I have numerous options to waste time.

Install old drivers, 32bit
Install an HP Floppy
Get 64Bit Media Only (dual media fails)
and many more.

Seeing that we have a 32/64 Dual Media License installation CD from Microsoft, and downloading the 64 Drivers form HP and with a correctly configured (latest BIOS G5) raid 1 drive pair, you would think the 2k8R2 install media would see the drivers on the USB stick as good drivers.

I wasted the better part of my Sunday discovering what others have known for some time. Seeing that time in Money, I'll give it this post hoping that an HP Pro knows the answer, or gut the system and deploy something else.

Getting a driver to load would seem to obvious, and I'm never surprised to learn just how disconnected manufacturers are from the real world.

Cheers AT