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ML110 G5 Sleep/standby

paul appleyard
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ML110 G5 Sleep/standby


I'm running an Ml110 with Windows home server installed which is based on windows server 2003.

I'm having a problem trying to get the machine to sleep. When i put it into standby the machine goes down but all of the system fans keep spinning. Does anybody know how to fix this? It seems as if it's not reaching the S3 power state.
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Re: ML110 G5 Sleep/standby

I am using the same hardware and OS and my WHS goes into hibernate S4 standby without the fans running. I use LightsOUT to do this. Would recommend you look/ask on here:

Gary Benavides Meza
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Re: ML110 G5 Sleep/standby

Try updating the BIOS.

Resolved an issue with systems configured with a 3.0 GHz or greater processor will exhibit high fan noise.

BIOS Update link:

Check this Advisory is not the exact issue but might help:〈=en&cc=si&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=3683232&prodTypeId=15351