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ML110 G5 Trying to boot from usb drive

Graham Webb
Occasional Contributor

ML110 G5 Trying to boot from usb drive

Hi I am having a a problem with my ML110 G5 server in that whenever a USB drive is connected to the system it is assigned as the primary boot device under hard drives in the bios boot selection screen.

I can change the priority of the removable drives on the screen but as soon as another drive is plugged in or the same drive is unplugged and plugged back in during reboots it becomes the primary device again.

This is a major problem for me because we are using removable USB hard drives as the backup media and as such they need to be left plugged in to the server at all times. If the server reboots during the night it will try and boot from the backup disk and will stay offline until someone physically removes the USB drive and reboots the server again.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can disable booting from any device other than the built in SATA RAID to prevent this from happening?
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML110 G5 Trying to boot from usb drive

Hi Graham,

I'm afraid you can disable the same. But refering to the issue that automatically changing the boot priority, I would like to request the BIOS of your system.

I came across this issue, but I cannot recollect from where I received the information