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ML110 G5 + X8 videocard

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ML110 G5 + X8 videocard

I'm using my old server ML110 G5 - Xeon3065, 8Gbyte ECC, 2x 1Tbyte in raid1, Win10 - as workstation and it's working perfectly.
Because of the onboard videocard's limited mem i playeced a Asus Nvidea Geforge GT710 2Gbyte X8 card.

The problem is that sometimes the ML110 starts and sometimes it won't.

When it's starts it works perfectly with the video card, but why it don't start all the time?

When putting on the ML110 it starts normally but you don't get video output to the monitor and after a while it's still black on the monitor, only thing to do is switching of the ML110 and take the power cord off and wait a while and trying againg hoping it's starts up normally.

When it starts normally it takes longer for you see the begin screen of the ML110 after that it starts normally win10 and it works normally.

What can be the problem???



Re: ML110 G5 + X8 videocard


1. Is this video card compatible with this server?
2. Is this video card getting enough power from the PCI slots to work?

These are the main factors that might affect the video card performance.

Alternately you may Clear the NVRAM from the system board and check if that fixes the issue.

Thank You!

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Re: ML110 G5 + X8 videocard

The card should get enough power but HP doesn't give that info in the specs, mainpower must be 300W or more.

But with a pci 3,3V soundcard and pcie X1 usb3.0 card i can see that the power is limited for the video card, this videocard takes 19W

The onboard Matrix video chip is only shared 32Mb mem.

There are only 2 pci-e x8 cards on the market, the Geforge Gt710 1Gb or 2Gb

What can i do? Build in a mainpower with 500W instead of the 365W standard?