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ML110 G5 Xeon 3065

John J Watt
Occasional Visitor

ML110 G5 Xeon 3065


I am thinking of buying the above through my business, however, I do not require a server as such. The machine will be mainly used for a recording studio running Cubase, Pro Tools etc, and, sound is handled by an external USB interface, hence why I am looking at this, as, the main specs areas I need are

Storage space (A lot!)
USB connectivity
Processing power

I can generally find all this in the above machine, however, there are a couple of things I am looking to find out, such as

I understand the actual graphics capability is poor? Can I add a PCI soundcard? Such as my existing Radeon X300?

Can I install a non-server OS, such as XP? I currently have a minimal install of XP to enhance processing speeds, with a dual boot of Vista for day to day.

All in all, will I still be able to use this as a "pc" as well as having the robust options for my studio? Ideally, dual booting it as well.