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ML110 G5 and 3TB GPT disk

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ML110 G5 and 3TB GPT disk


This is my first post, I have old server Proliant ML110 G5, recently I bought WD red 3 tb HDD, there the bios only detect 740gb, so I tried to update the bios, but only 2010 bios available from HP download page.

so I just format it in another computer as GPT disk partitoned to 9 logical drives.

It was detected succesfully as 3 tb drive in Windows 2003 sp2 in ML110 G5.

but after each restart it is randomly rechecked for error by windows (like chkdsk), and after logging in to windows I saw that the checked drives becomes unformatted drives, after I formatted it I can use it again. But when restarted again randomly the windows check the disk again and same thing happened.


Any one have solution in this, to force the ML110 G5 windows 2003 x86 able to use 3 tb drive?

I cannot upgrade the system since the program I use can only work in 2003 below (still have 16bit component).

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Re: ML110 G5 and 3TB GPT disk

Hi Reedone816, do you use the embedded Sata controler of the motherboard or a E200 smart Array ?

I'm looking to buy 2x 3TB drive to put them in a Raid 1+0

I'll run Win 2008 srv R2 and I'm trying to figure out if the ML110 G5 motherboard and/or the E200 smart Array controler can support 3 TB drive. 

I'm having hard time to find that information. 

I prefer be sure of the compatibility before buying these drive. :)

Thank you for any information 

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Re: ML110 G5 and 3TB GPT disk

Hi there,


I have 3 servers ML110 G5, use them only with the onboard SATA controller.

Bios flashed to 10/25/10 ( latest available Bios on the HP Website ).

Bios onboard raid-controller = 5..0-0 B2235


Over the last years, I was using 1TB and 2TB disks, which works perfectly well.


Bought  2 hard disks WD30 EFRX ( NAS 3TB ) and 2x WD30 EZRX ( Green 3TB )

Each of these hard disks are recognized as only 820Gb disks  instead of 3TB in the raid-controller bios.


On the HP Website in the section "Firmware - Storage controller", none of these 2 firmware flashed are related to the onboard controller, but are intended to be installed on the Smart Array controller.


Any solution ?

Who can help me ?




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Re: ML110 G5 and 3TB GPT disk

ML110 G5 with latest bios and a Seagate 3TB drive, but the Bios only sees about 800gb of it.


I'm ready to give up on HP updating the BIOS to support the larger capacity.


Some relevant links... (Update drive firmware, if you have one of the listed models)

Intel (Update RST Driver) ...


Info from Microsoft on the 2TB ceiling and what works (GPT) and what doesn't (MBR)



Unfortunately, neother of those will be useful for me if the BIOS doesn't want to see a 3TB drive, but these fixes should help others with a bios that can recognize the 3TB drive as a 3TB drive.


I'll try the Seagate firmware update tomorrow.

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Re: ML110 G5 and 3TB GPT disk



Having the same problem... Any solution ?