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ML110 G6 - SNMP (6039) Fan Removed, false alerts


ML110 G6 - SNMP (6039) Fan Removed, false alerts

Some information for other people who may have this problem.

Force downgraded this package in Version Control Agent:

HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for Windows Server 2003/2008 x64 Editions



SNMP messages appear to have stopped.

No other alerts, such as SIM being unable to monitor status, is occurring.

Perhaps something changed with regards to the Fan monitoring that makes this package not the right one to be used with an ML110 G6 server.


Re: ML110 G6 - SNMP (6039) Fan Removed, false alerts

problem returned

it appears the agents just keep generating these messages randomly, perhaps restarting the agents slows down their timer?

opening a case with HP on Monday

Re: ML110 G6 - SNMP (6039) Fan Removed, false alerts


progressed in understanding the problem.


both [ Insight Management Agents (SNMP) ] and [ Insight Management WBEM Providers (WBEM) ] are installed on the systems


IMA versus IMWP agents


it appears the problem is with the IMA agents, perhaps because they are not, or were not until recently supported on the 100 series platform (they are supposed to be supported as of G6)


historic documentation reflects that the 100 series did not support reporting on redundant fans and power supplies, the recent introduction of IMA agents may not be well equipped to handle this unsupported-ness in the 100 series servers.. that is the hardware or sensors may be different.. or incapable of reporting on their status.. that the agents are attempting to report on their status could be the source of the problem


the IMA agents are enabled/disabled from a control panel applet for the Foundation Agents, tried disabling the "server" component and the problem seemed to go away


this leads me to suppose that it might be a good idea not to allow the IMA agents to install or remove them from ML100 and DL100 series hardware, and leave the reporting up to WBEM agents


From the Microsoft Windows Event ID and SNMP Traps - Reference Guide


NT Event ID: 1133 (Hex)0x8435046d (cpqsvmsg.dll) <<<<
Log Severity: Warning (2)
Log Message: Fan Removed. A hot-plug fan has been removed from the system.
SNMP Trap: cpqHe3FltTolFanRemoved - 6039 in CPQHLTH.MIB
Symptom: A Fault Tolerant Fan has been removed from the specified chassis and fan location.
Supporting SNMP Trap Data:
• sysName
• cpqHoTrapFlags
• cpqHeFltTolFanChassis
• cpqHeFltTolFanIndex
Supporting SNMP Trap Description: “The Fan Removed on Chassis [cpqHeFltTolFanChassis], Fan


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Re: ML110 G6 - SNMP (6039) Fan Removed, false alerts

i do have the same issue. is there any workaround to stop recieving false alerts.