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ML110 G7, 4*2TB HDD - looking for best raid config? Prob = 2tb MBR

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ML110 G7, 4*2TB HDD - looking for best raid config? Prob = 2tb MBR

hey guys wondering if i could get some advice on a raid configuration.


I Just got a ML110 g7 with 4 , 2 tb hdd's hoping i could use 4tb for storage and the other 4tb for backup in a raid 1+0 setup.


So After configuring my raid in ACU and installing the o/s (winServer2012 esst.), i realized that i only had 2tb of disk space partitioned and 2tbs of unpartitioned space. i thought no big deal, ill just either extend the current partition to utilize the remaining drive or create a new separate partition. Wrong! apparently, I forgot that MBR can only support up to 2tb partitions. And from what ive been reading the ML110 g7 doesn’t support (u)efi to boot GPT.


So basically my question is, what is the best setup to utilize all available space and without losing any info I already have on the drive? From what ive been reading the only method to overcome this is either creating 2 logical drives within the array, or create 2 arrays. Can either of these be done without losing all my data?


Ex. Shrink the current logical drive to say 250gb and create a new logical drive with the rest (3.75tb) and convert the new logical drive to GPT?


So I would end up with:


8tb (4tb usable) raid10

            250gb boot partition MBR

            3.75tb storage partition GPT


Is this possible?


Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!!




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Re: ML110 G7, 4*2TB HDD - looking for best raid config? Prob = 2tb MBR

Hi Roy,



I think the best way for you it's to create 2 logical drives directly at the Raid Controller (with ACU), not in OS environnement.


Pro : You can have a bootable partition in MBR and the other Drive in GPT


Cons : More difficult to shrink or extend directly in the Raid Controller without impact.