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Re: ML110 G7 + B110i Raid Increase size

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ML110 G7 + B110i Raid Increase size

Hi All,

I have a client with ML110 G7 + B110i. It has 2 x Raid 1's, 250G + 250G and 1T + 1T

The 1T Raid 1 set is very short of space. I could use 2x2T disks and in 2 steps replace the 2x1T. I believe I'm right that this controller can't enlarge the Raid 1 array.

But, can this controller create another logical drive in the extra space?




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Re: ML110 G7 + B110i Raid Increase size

Probably not.

From quickspec:

HP Smart Array Hot Plug Advance Pack for B110i

The HP Smart Array Hot Plug Advanced Pack for B110i provides the raid support for the embedded SATA controller. The Hot Plug Advance kit is a License to enable the RAID support on Hot Plug models. It supports up to six 3G SATA hard disk drives. It will support a maximum of two (2) logical drives. It supports Raid 0, 1 and 1+0.

Hope this helps!

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