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ML110 G7 Case Fans

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ML110 G7 Case Fans


I'm going to prefix this by saying this server is used for home NAS purposes and is out of warranty so I don't "care" about HPE support.

I needed more disk slots than this server provides so I have transplanted the internals into a much bigger case (11x 5.25" drive bays with 3x 5-in-3 hot-swap caddies) and added 2 HPE H240 HBAs to connect them all. So far, so good... except the fans.

This server comes with a 92mm rear fan and an 80mm front fan. At least the 80mm one gets WAY too noisy for a home environment plus my replacement case only has mounting holes for 120mm fans. So I tried with Noctua's Industrial 3000RPM 4-pin PWM fan but I get a flashing red light and:

1611-Fan 3 Failure
Fan Solution Not Sufficient

Even though the Noctua has more CFM;  109.8 vs 86.44. I even tried disconnecting the PWM wire so the fan spins at full all the time with no luck, so it seems HP are forcing a minimum RPM on power-on to determine a 'sufficient cooling solution', whch is totally illogical because air flow > RPM!!

So bascially, what 120mm 4-pin PWM fans exist that aren't jet engine noisy and won't stop a ML110 board from booting. Do any of HPE's other non-enterprise servers come with 120mm fans that i could use?



Re: ML110 G7 Case Fans


To start with H240 HBAs are not compatible with ML110 G7 and vice versa.

HP ProLiant ML110 Generation 7 quickspecs:-

HPE H240 quickspecs:-

Using an incompatible/unsupported part on HPE Servers  can cause System  status critical ( red led ).

I suggest you reach out to HPE Presales team if you wish to know which HPE's other non-enterprise servers come with 120mm fans.


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