ML110 G7 Fans

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ML110 G7 Fans


Is there anyway at all that HP or other software allow you to control fan speeds? I use this in a home office and it's just far too noisy most of the time.

My temps are really good, in relation to the 'Caution' and 'Critical' theshholds HP define, so I don't know why of them is running at 100%. I know the ML100 is an old server now but the fans are pretty new so I don't think they're 'worn'.



PS: I've tried non-HP fans but as the BIOS has been hard-coded for specific RPM/voltages the server obviously refuses to boot.


Re: ML110 G7 Fans

Hi There,

This server has 3 fans, 1 x system fan, 1 x processor heatsink fan assembly and 1 PCI fan.

Looking at the details, I think the PCI fan is running at 100% (Please verify). Is there any additional PCI cards installed on the server? If yes, are they running on latest firmware and driver? Is the server updated with the latest firmware?

If all updated then you can isolate by bringing the server to min confirugration and adding the components one by one to verify which component is causing the fans to go high. once isolated you can log a warranty ticket with HPE for replacement.
 You can also run offline diagnostics tests using smart start cd to see if there are any issues.

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