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ML110 G7 Main board LED status

Occasional Contributor

ML110 G7 Main board LED status

Dear HP experts.

My ML110 G7 server gets stuck with in 2-5 min time ,every time I restart it. Sometimes it hangs during the thermal calibration process, sometimes on the bios program, sometimes at the software installation stage...etc.

What I noticed so far, whenever it get stuck, there will be amber light displaying on the main board.  There are 2 LED sets on the board vertical and horizontal. See attached picture. I can see the horizontal LED get changed during the boot post. 

When it hangs, I can see amber LED on vertical LED set. What exactly these LED means? Can someone advise me on this? 

Thank you 


Edwin Eppel
Valued Contributor

Re: ML110 G7 Main board LED status

ML110G7 support page:

Looked into this and it's a little frustrating. Troubleshooting guide mentions status LEDs and says to refer to the Maintenance and Service Guide, but the Maintenance and Service Guide does not even mention the on board status LEDs. From what I could gather from the Troubleshooting guide, those LEDs either reference the DIMMs or other on board components. Amber LED could indicate that a circuit board is not properly seated, or a DIMM is faulty or of the wrong type (were new DIMMs installed recently?). Reseat all components on the main board and if the system fails to post, strip it down to a minimum configuration (single CPU, single DIMM, etc) to see if it will post. If any one can find reference to the on board status LEDs please assist.