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ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior


Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

Noticed another thing: if I reset the ILO3 from the ILO management page the fans will slow down and then over the next 10 minutes rev up to 50% even though the server is under light load at the time. This server replaced another ML110 G4 that was used for the same tasks and that server I never even noticed, fans were much more quiet.

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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

Just posted a response in this thread about the same issue:


Re-seat the connection for the front fan. It may have become dislodged during shipping.


That resolved the issue for me today after a visit from a HP tech.

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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

Just my two cents. Having the same issue. Tried everything from reseating the connector of the fan, resetting the firmwares of iLO and of the BIOS, clearing all of the memory, reinstalling the OS... Nothing works. Always running at 50%.


Really really annoying, when in fact this server is expected to run in the office.

Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

I have also tried the suggested steps without success. I am convinced this is a BIOS issue; we sell HP servers and I have seen this on different models over the years, mainly on the low end servers. Hopefully HP will come out with a newer BIOS that fixes the problem soon.



Eric van Straten
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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

Same issue.  The rear fan is the one running hard.  Tried reseating the front fan.  When I disconnect it the other fans spin up faster.


Opened case with Tech Support.  They are sending a new fan.  Even with the 4hr 13x5 carepack it will a couple of days before they deliver it. much for buying the carepack!

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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior



I received 2 ML 110 G7 yesterday. At first I inserted latest Firmware CD/DVD 9.30. Everything was up to date.

Then I installed OS (Server 2008 R2 - SP1)  + PSP 8.70. Both Servers are extremly loud! (Louder than our ML 350 G6 with redundant power supplies and 8 disks!) I don't know which of all the fan's produces the noise and it doesn't interest me!


There's something wrong! Replacing a/the fan/s isn't a solution!  I hope there is soon a new BIOS ver / ILO Firmware(?) to solve the problem!




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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

I investigated two more days but didn't find a solution yet and in the link below you can find a few infos:


- during and ILO reset the "noise" disappears for a short time!

- tried to completely disable ILO => was a challenge to enable it again!

  (system board dip-switch 1 on => F8 during boot ...)

- I'm double - double checked that I have all the latest FW / Drivers! SystemManagement Firmware / Drivers are the most important!

- Opened CASE at HP => 2 solutions: 

  • move Servers (have 2 ML 110 G7)  to serverroom => but it's a small business server!! in my house I don't have a serverroom! => no solution
  • fill out DOA (defect on arrival) and hope to get money back.



My case at HP is sill open. A new Firmware/Driver for SystemManagement / BIOS should solve.


A colleague from work will give my a volume checking device to get the exact dBA - value (>> 27 dbA from Quick Spec)





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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

I Also Have an ML110 G7 with the Fan Noise

But only when the Bios states the Ambient Temp reaches 30c

when its in location in a cool room no problems

 I want to get some more of these servers & the locations their going to will be over 30c IN SUMMER

& I know i will get complaints , I have already been through the above listed updates , etc




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Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

Please let us know what comes from this case. I have the same issue and this is very annoying. I'd like to get this fixed or returned.




Re: ML110 G7 - Strange fan behavior

Please find my action plan:


-Swap the fan with any other fan in the server and check if the fan speed remains high in the same slot or it follows the fan.


If the high speed follows the fan module to a different slot then we need to replace the fan and if the high speed remains with the same slot  irrespective of the fan module then we need to replace the system board.


Summarizing, inorder to resolve this issue we need to either replace the fan or the system board.

Please perform the above test to determine which part needs to be replaced and then log a case with HP.


Please visit the link given below to log a case with HP:

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