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ML110 G7 and P410 - Which cable for SAS to SATA

Occasional Contributor

ML110 G7 and P410 - Which cable for SAS to SATA

Hello all,


I've got a few questions about a VMware ESX host that I'm putting together for a home lab.


I recently bought a HP ML110 G7 with the G840 CPU and have upgraded the CPU and RAM to an E3-1240 with 32 GB using Kingston KTH-PL313E/8G memory.


I've also put a HP P410 SAS RAID controller with 256 BBWC (HP part 462862-B21) into it with the intention of doing a RAID 5 setup on three Seagate Constellation *CS* 2TB drives.


Unfortunately my knowledge of newer cabling technologies is fairly lacking, hence I'm here asking for advice.


I've did a bit of research and it seems that I'll need to buy a Mini SAS to 4x SATA *forward* breakout cable (I'd never heard of these cables before yesterday).

My questions are:


1. Am I correct in thinking that I'll need a Mini SAS to 4x SATA *forward* breakout cable - if so, are there any recommendations?


2. There is already a cable connected to the onboard Mini SAS port on the ML110 - could I just disconnect this cable and plug it into the P410?


3. If I *can* disconnect and reuse the cable that came with the ML110, can it easily be disconnected from the onboard port? (I've read some horror stories about damaged cables/ports when Mini SAS cables are unplugged).


4. And finally, has anyone used the Seagate Constellation CS 2TB drives with the ML110?


Apologies, if the questions seem a bit daft but my knowledge of SAS cabling is non existent and I don't want to buy kit that I can't use.


Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ML110 G7 and P410 - Which cable for SAS to SATA

I don't have a system to pop the cover on and double check. If the current mini SAS connector goes from the drive backplane to the system board, then yes, you should be able to move the mini SAS connector to the Smart Array controller.  You only need the mini SAS cable to 4 port SATA adapter when each drive has its own data cable and not a common backplane connection

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Occasional Contributor

Re: ML110 G7 and P410 - Which cable for SAS to SATA

Thanks for your reply Jimmy, you've saved me the cost of a cable.


Now I just need to disconnect the cable from the mini SAS port without damaging anything :)

Occasional Contributor

Re: ML110 G7 and P410 - Which cable for SAS to SATA

I was going to wait until the weekend to try unplug the mini SAS cable from the onboard connector and try it in the P410 but I needed to find out before I ordered the Seagate's.


The connector pulled out easily when the central tab was pushed down. I've plugged it into the P410, changed the boot controller order in the BIOS and the server is booting.


Now I just need to find a good price on three Seagate Constellation CS 2TB drives.



Once again, thanks for your help.