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ML110 G9 NIC compatibility

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ML110 G9 NIC compatibility


I am thinking about sparking life back into my old ml110 g9.

I stopped using it after I had some unfortunate compatibility issues with HBAs.
They are all working but since unsupported (as described in manual) they spin the fans up to 40% which was not an option.

I’m not interested in understand if this would be the same situation with network cards. I’m especially interested in a 10GB card for the ML110. Since it’s an “older” model, only SPF+ cards are offered from HPE.
I wouldnmy rather keep it as a RJ45 and most certainly lower the cost.

There are no mentions of network card compatibility/support in the ml110 g9 manual.

Any information is appreciated!

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Re: ML110 G9 NIC compatibility

Hello good day. I tell you my experience, since I have the same server.
Officially, HPE if it has RJ45 10Gb network cards compatible with this server, in the specification document it is (I bought it a month ago on Amazon, in an offer of € 150):

As for the fans, I also had a problem of acceleration and deceleration every so often, and that fan was randomly accelerated to 50% or 60%, which I did not like at all, due to the high noise. Researching, in the end I decided to change the fan that comes standard and incorporate the one found in the specifications of HPE. Now everything works very well, the fans act between 6.5% and 7.5%. I indicate what the fan is:

As for the network card, as everything you need to incorporate in the PCIe slots, you will also need to incorporate the fan and the box that circulates the air (it goes all in the same pack), so you have a good cooling. Currently, on my server I have installed the card that I mentioned earlier, and a controller P440 / 4GB.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.