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ML110 G9 with LSI 9300-i8


ML110 G9 with LSI 9300-i8

I am having some real problems getting power to my 4 SATA drives connected to my new HBA (9300-i8).
I do not understand where the power should come from. 
The setup I want to use is a single SSD connected from the B140i (I want the fans to be quite) and the rest of the SATA drives connected to the HBA.
I appreciate ANY help here.

Re: ML110 G9 with LSI 9300-i8

I have now installed the 9300 and PCI baffle kit and the fans are spinning at 40%. This is WITHOUT having any drives connected to the HBA at all. No drive cage yet and no direct connected drives to the HBA. The only drive connected is the SSD to the b140i

HP, come on! I’ve had multiple support cases that I’ve tried to open and no responses. As son as there is a private actor, ie not a company you guys freeze.