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ML110 Gen9 High fans with SATA AHCI

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ML110 Gen9 High fans with SATA AHCI


I recently purchased a HPE ML110 Gen9 4LFF and installed ESXi 6.5 on it. using the HPE custom image. I have two LFF disks. Rather than using the B140i software raid, I want to pass the two disks directly to ESXi.

When I set the mode to SATA AHCI in BIOS rather than B140i, the disks are present in ESXi, but the fans continue to spin at a higher rate, as the normally would during boot up. When I switched back to B140i in BIOS from,SATA AHCI and the fans are silent again, but I cannot see the disks in ESXi. Assuming I first need to set them up in some type of RAID first.

My question is, is it possible to pass the disks directly to ESXi whilst keeping the fans speed down?

Thanks in advance.

Jimmy Vance

Re: ML110 Gen9 High fans with SATA AHCI

Unfortunately using the embedded chipset SATA controller the answer is no.  The B140i driver passes temp data to iLO which controls the fan speed. When in SATA mode the drive temp can't be passed to iLO as the driver isn't present.  The HPE custom image does include the B140i driver. 

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