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ML110 ML150 G5

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ML110 ML150 G5

2 SBS servers, one is a ML110 and one is a ML150 both using APC ups,,
I don't have a hibernate option on either server, both have latest graphics card.
Each time I logon to the server I ger a warning that I need to turn hibernate on,,,,,
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Re: ML110 ML150 G5


what do you mean? option not in control panel?
is that Windows 2003?

go to control panel-> Power options -> Hibernate tab


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Re: ML110 ML150 G5

SBS 2003, There is no hibernate tab under power options.
Possibly a graphics card driver?
Shiraj Fernando
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Re: ML110 ML150 G5


In cmd you can use the following command to turn hibernation on and off:

powercfg -hibernate {on|off}

powercfg /? for available options.

I'm not sure why it's asking to turn on hibernation each time you log in.

Shiraj Fernando.
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Re: ML110 ML150 G5

I think I need to find the cause of the hibernate tab disappearing from power options...
The tab disappeared before (a few months ago) and I updated the graphics driver which solved the problem and the tab came back,,, this time there is no further update!!
Hibernate appears to be disabled rather than just turned off..
I have attached a screenshot of the APC Warning.
This is the same on two similar HP servers