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ML110 - ML150 running WinXP or W7?

Pastorel Alexoaie
Occasional Contributor

ML110 - ML150 running WinXP or W7?

Hello there!

I know my issue is odd, but please read on.

I am an network engineer in a hotel and we work with various solution providers.

Each of them has separate and precise needs.

Most of them did not even try their software on a server platform like 2003/2008 Win Server.

They know their solution works on Windows XP (one even agree with W7!) so there is a strict limitation to these OS's.

On the other side I have to provide the hardware platform where I do prefer one of the above for reliability.

Have anyone tried/experienced any of these ML110 or ML150 running XP or W7?
Is this combination reliable?
Are there any support (drivers) for these OS?

Thank you in advance.

I tried once to install XP on a ML110 and I failed because the CD-ROM was defective - but I did not know at the time. I have finished installation with no error messages but there were 3 items at all in start menu, most of the bundled apps didn't work (not even Calculator did not work) so I gave up.

Then I have replaced the CD-ROM and installed Win 2008 server. It works non stop for more than 2 years with no issue.