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ML110 Noisy

Steen Lysgaard
Occasional Visitor

ML110 Noisy

I have bought about 10 pieces og ml110 G4 servers, allways bought them 2 at a time :)

NOW I have bought 2x ml110 G5 (E7400 - P/N534458-425)

These are MUCH more noisy than the G4's - are there any ways to get the noise levels down, I bought them, so they could be put up besides the workers in the office, but this in really not possible...

When they are turned on, they start by the very fast fan speed (like G4's) - then they go down 1 step (also like the G4's) - but the G4's then go one more step down to the allmost silent mode. These servers do not :(

I have tried Firmware upgrade of motherboard, and the noise is present all the time (no boot / boot from CD / windows boot)

Hope to get some help, as I really would hate to just throw "my money out the window"