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Re: ML110 ProLiant G7 RAID drivers

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ML110 ProLiant G7 RAID drivers

I'm very new to this forum, but I'm having trouble installing Windows Server Essentials 2019 onto my rig in RAID 0. I am aware that HP don't support this OS for this rig. But since SBS Essentials 2011 support ends this month I felt an upgrade was necessary. It only controls a home network and is merely used for remote access and one of my working backups for my photographs.

I can easily access the RAID array config on boot up and can easily convert the array to 0 with 4 x 1TB drives. But I'm unable to locate the necessay drivers for me to install WSE 2019 onto the RAIDed drives. There is scant to no information on HP's website and little else from third parties. Drivers and setup software are nowhere to be found, so I'm at a loss as to what to do.

Maybe I could downgrade to WSE 2016, but that appears to be very similar to the 2019 version and has the same install problems. WSE 2019 installs perfectly well on AHPI rather than RAID. But I could really make use of the speed bump and single volume of RAID 0. Any ideas, help or drivers even? Thanks for the time.

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Re: ML110 ProLiant G7 RAID drivers

Well after deciding to re-install WSE 2019 with AHCI enabled I discovered the 'striping' option in the Disk management console of WSE 2019. Although presumabaly this is not the ProLiant's embedded RAID sytem it is utilising, as the AHCI support is still enabled in the BIOS. Whether that has any issues remains to be seen. I now have one 1TB boot OS volume and one 3TB (striped) volume for a total of 4TB.

Anyway the speed and operations still seem very responsive, given it's old architecture and having only 10GB of ECC onborad Ram. I think it will probably serve my needs quite well into the far future with a few upgrades in Ram and CPU perhaps.

I leave this thread available in case others get confused when attempting a similar upgrade in OS on this system and for those that might see any pitfalls with my solution.

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Re: ML110 ProLiant G7 RAID drivers


Were you able to get windows server 2019 to load on the HP Proliant ML110 G7 server?


I have tried to load it without any success.

I have loaded SLES 11 SP1 but I get RAID and bootloader issues with it.

I am interested in learning what you did to get yours to work.  Did you disable some features to get it to ignore the ROM.  This project has been very time consuming and frustrating because I am hitting one problem after another.