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ML110 and Insight Manager

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ML110 and Insight Manager


How does one install hardware monitoring i.e. Insight Manager Agents on an ML110. The HP web site is absolutely doing my head in, with broken links and lack of clarity on this issue!!

So far I've downloaded the management CD 5.1 and installed Insight Manager, but all it has done is enable some version control stuff. There is no mention of hardware. I downloaded ML110 MIB patch for 5.1 but that is some kind of VB script which is expecting me to click OK for three times for each of about a hundred files, each of which takes about 1 minute to install.

Do I need the SmartStart CD, if so does anyone have a link to it - link via re-directs to download search, which has only a patch for smartstart in the search :-(.

sanesh vig
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Re: ML110 and Insight Manager


Smart start CD will noot work on 100 series server.

I think you need to use "HP Lights-Out 100c Remote Management Card". This card will allow you to manage the server hardware remotely

Also this optional remote managment card is supported on ML115 G1, ProLiant ML110 G4, and ProLiant ML150 G3 servers. (As per the user guide).

You could download the user guide for 100c card from

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Re: ML110 and Insight Manager


So there is no hardware monitoring capability at all out the box? One has to ask, why bother with RAID, ECC RAM, and spin detect fans if there is no way to check for errors??
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Re: ML110 and Insight Manager

Well, its difficult to answer the question you are asking. Indeed, the reason there is no mention about the hardware is that there is no ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) for this server. PSP is the software that installs all the health management agents, like NIC, storage agents etc. Only the servers that have PSPs installed will be able to report the health status of the hardware.

There is one utility that can used on this server & diagnose & test the hardware functionality, it is called HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition. Check the link for more information:

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Re: ML110 and Insight Manager

Thanks for this.

I actually downloaded the PSP for Windows and it does install, but says that it can't add the foundation driver because there is no iLO board.

It is all very frustrating. I had hoped this little box would be everything I always wanted the P-Pro PL800s to be, but it doesn't seem to be the case.