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ML110 g3 no response, no BIOS

Alfredo R
Occasional Visitor

ML110 g3 no response, no BIOS

Hi, can any one help?

I have a proliant server ml110 g3, which ive had for about 6 months, yesterday it didnt start up.

Leds are on, but any bios information is shown, and the hdd led doesnt respond.

Is the mother board damaged, or is it a hd problem?

Any idea of how to recover my info in the hd in the case its damaged?
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: ML110 g3 no response, no BIOS

Hi Alfredo,
What are the LEDs?
try reseating components. Is there any amber LED on the system board ?
Try booting without any additional devices connected.
Do you hear the FAN spinning ?
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML110 g3 no response, no BIOS

is any LED color other than gree?
is all the FANs are working

Try to reset NVRAM