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ML110 goes blank after bios

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ML110 goes blank after bios

Our server has had problems after a reboot.
At first i recieved some 'no operating system found' but not anymore
Now the bios stuff pops up and i see some nic detection...then the screen goes blank.
I tried the drive in another machine and booted perfectly.
I tried attaching other drives in the server, but same results...
any ideas where to look?
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: ML110 goes blank after bios

Did you upgrade the BIOS? Did you upgrade the firmware? Sounds like either you did a BIOS or firmware upgrade that failed the server board or controller or you have bad hardware.
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Re: ML110 goes blank after bios

Thanks for the quick reply.

But no...i only did an SBS2003 update. :/

Re: ML110 goes blank after bios


If its ML110 generation 1 server, have you tried clearing NVRAM ?

Please see the attachment.
SW1-1 by default its OFF.
Switch it ON and then turn ON the server, see if it works, if yes then turn OFF the server and bring SW1-1 default to OFF.

Alternately you can remove CMOS battery and clear the CMOS.


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