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ML110 motherboard spec?
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ML110 motherboard spec?

I have an ML110 that I need tuo upgrade to have a good video card and sound card. But I'm not sure what the compatabiltiy issues are.

i.e. I can't tell whether I can buy a PCI card or not...? any help would be great...
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Re: ML110 motherboard spec?

ML110 G1:

2 -> 32bit/33MHz PCI -> 5V
3 -> 64bit/100MHz PCI -> 3.3V

ML110 G2:

3 -> 64bit/100MHz PCI-X -> 3.3V
1 -> x4 PCI Express -> 3.3V
1 -> 32bit/33MHz PCI No -> 5V

ML110 G3:

The link wasn't working today but you can try it later if this is your generation.

Please, always specify your server's generation for a faster response.

You can find that and many more information on the server's quickspecs

Google: [ServerModel Generation] + quickspecs -> Will get you the link for further reference

ML110 G1 Quickspecs:

ML110 G2 Quickspecs:

ML110 G3 Quickspecs:
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Re: ML110 motherboard spec?

Remember, what ever you are planning to biy, it has to be supported by the server, therefore by HP, most of the 3rd party HW componnents are not supported so be aware of that, prior to waste money on a unsupported HW component.
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