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ML110 no boot

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ML110 no boot

I have and ML110 that just decided to stop working - It's warranty ran out two weeks ago.

There are no keyboard lights, no monitor flicker and no post beeps- fan is running -

Attila Szabó
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Re: ML110 no boot

First of all, let us know, which generation of ML 110 you have. There is generation 1-2-3. You can find a G2 or a G3 sign on the front plastic. If you tell the serial, its also OK :)
A common problem determination:
- remove all not "must have" parts (leave minimal RAM, remove cards, disconnect cables from everithing which is not nessecary-floppy/CD/HDD/tape, etc)
- try with another RAM after the minimal config test (so if the server still hang up, you can be sure, its not cause of RAM)
- try another processor, if you have
- after that, if the server still bad, it looks like cause of power supply or motherboard. Most likely, motherboard.
Ask a local HP service partner to make a system check to be sure, which part is bad, and ask for the price.
If you need more help, please tell us the exact type of server (generation, serial number, disks, RAID controller, memory, etc.)
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Re: ML110 no boot


attila, since the server is OOW this would be a G1 or G2, but mostlikely a G1, so G3 does not fit here.

Emily, try bringing the server to its minimal configuration, NO PCI cards, minumum memory, 1 single proc, and see if it POSTs, then you can try with no HDD and see if the controller initializes, there could be several HW components that might be causing the issue but we need to isolate them one by one.

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