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ML110G2 - Boot controler order

Benjamin Richter
Occasional Visitor

ML110G2 - Boot controler order


my stuff:
ML110 G2 with SCSI Controler LSI Logic (LSI20320-HP, default adapter) and installed Windows 2003 Standard

my problem:
I bought an SATA controler Silicon Image Sil3112ACT144 with 2 80GB HDs. When SATA is installed (with correct updated drivers), the system cannot boot from SCSI, because it thinks, SATA is first boot device. There is no way of telling the ML110 to choose ALWAYS SCSI as a first boot controler!!! Usually it is in the BIOS, but I can´t find it...
Any idea? Thanks for any help...
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML110G2 - Boot controler order

Because the PCI Init process happens before the booting process so you will have to disabled the booting function from the SATA card itself. Have you check the SATA BIOS or jumpers that can disable the card from taking over boot process ? If there is no option like that, you properly have to change the SATA card.