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ML110G3 Memory upgrade

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David Franken
Occasional Visitor

ML110G3 Memory upgrade

Hi All,

I have an old ML110 G3 wich i want to upgrade the memory of to the max of 8GB.

Quickspecs of the ML110 G3 dictates i have to use the DDR2 PC-4200 ECC memory.

So i went to the Kingston Memory Configurator and it said i need the KTH-XW4200A/2G 2GB 533MHz ECC Module.

Now the problem is that these modules are a little bit expensive (about 40 Euro's).

Now i found an alternative; the KVR533D2E4/2G or the KVR533D2E4K2/2G.

Does anybody know if these also work in the ML110 G3 server?
Or has anybody experience with an another brand of memory in this server?

Thank you in advance!


Re: ML110G3 Memory upgrade

Hi David,

I would suggest to go for HP memory only
393354-B21 (2048 MB Unbuffered Advanced ECC PC2-4200 DDR2 (1 x 2048 MB), Dual Rank )

You will not get support from HP on third party memory and you may experiecne some performance issue.

Check the server quickspecs for configuration option.

I work for HPE
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Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: ML110G3 Memory upgrade

Axiom memory will work. Use the HP part number dash AX to find it. Axiom makes most of HPs memory modules. I use it in my 64 bit SQL server, 8 x 4 GB = 32GB. No issues. Axiom has next day replacement. Usually with HP, its next day to get memory anyways under Carepaqs. I would not use Kingston.
David Franken
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML110G3 Memory upgrade

Hi All,

I checked the partnumber, but it is not available anymore.

So i checked the AXIOM memory, but it is not so easily available in the Netherlands.

I checked the KTH-XS4200A/2G modules, and it is a supported alternative.

I ordered them yesterday. I will let you know it worked.