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ML110G3 RHEL4 install problem with SATA

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ML110G3 RHEL4 install problem with SATA

Hello,all. I've read something on the forum, but couldn't found the answer. So....
I'm installing RHEL4 on my server and linux can't see SATA HDDs.

If I switch in BIOS 'compatible' mode - that's OK, but then i have no access to CD-ROM,, or no access to 2nd HDD ( depends SATA 1st, PATA2nd or revers or SATAonly) :)
If I use 'Enhansed' mode in BIOS, then I got error. Linux cann't find HDD on your system.

I've download Proper .img to install SATA driver, did something like 'linux updates dd', but !!!... :) I have no FDD!
The question.
Is it possible to install SATA driver for RHEL4 but without using any kind FDDs?

May be it's possible somehow to install linux first using (BIOS 'compatible' mode), and then switch BIOS to 'enhansed' mode....????

I have 2 SATA 160GB HDD and 1 IDE CD-ROM and no FDD. And no USB FDD :)

Help, please....
Thank you forahead.