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ML110G3 - Raid Issue

Sydney Joe
Occasional Contributor

ML110G3 - Raid Issue


We have ML110G3 with 2 Sata drivers with inbuild Sata Raid controller:
1. Setup the Sata Raid throught F10 Bios
2. Restart bios
3. Setup Sata Raid by using F8 (Which was confirm by HP suppport engineer)with 2 partition C and D
4. Install SATA Raid Driver by pressing F6 during the Windows server installation

But after installing the server I find that Disk manager show 2 physical HD with 2 partition which give me C, D, E, F try running the Hardware Raid manually throught F6 Raid setup it took around 12 hours noe the C & E look alike and D & F look a like but it still show C D E F when file was updates on C E is not updated does anyone know what is wrong?

It Appear that the Raid Controlloer is not working Tech support does not have an answear for it.

Any help is welcome.

Honored Contributor

Re: ML110G3 - Raid Issue

Are you sure you choose RAID 1 as the configuration? It looks as if you choose RAID 0. Then created the partitions when installing server?
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