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ML110G4 stuck at 1x PCIE speed in 8x slot?

Doug Kennedy
Occasional Visitor

ML110G4 stuck at 1x PCIE speed in 8x slot?

Hi all,

Hope someone can help as I'm going crazy! In a nutshell - I have installed a PCIE graphics card in the 8x PCI Express slot (ATI X1900). When opening the ATI control panel it shows as running at 1x speed rather than 8x. This is what I've done so far...

Server installed fine and its running Server 2003 with SP2. I have installed the chipset drivers from the website and the latest ATI drivers (No server 2003 drivers on site so used the XP ones which worked fine). In the "Advanced" tab of the display control panel I have "Hardware acceleration" set to full.

To make sure the card is working I installed 3D Mark which ran fine but gives a low score which made me look at the ATI settings when I noticed the 1x speed. I was hoping to use the server for showing off HD video and the like so need to use an external graphics card.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Doug Kennedy
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML110G4 stuck at 1x PCIE speed in 8x slot?

One thing i'm a bit confused on is the size of the slot. I know its an 8x slot and the graphics card is 16x so is longer than the slot but does this mean I thought this wouldnt matter and it should run at 8x.

Could this be the reason it is running at 1x? I'm sure I've read elsewhere you can run a 16x card in a 8x slot.