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ML110G6 Fan Speed Settings

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ML110G6 Fan Speed Settings

Wondering if anyone could aid in this query.


Been asked to look at a server that's flagging overheat errors and shutting down. 


Problem I have the server is remote and I can't get physical access to it. Speaking to my contact on site when server powers up the fans spin up but when it goes to boot to windows  they stop and don't spin only kickup up every now and then. Usually by then its too late and yesterday servers shutdown about 5 times due to overheat.


Are there any tools  from HP I can install  on the server remotely (Win2k8 R2 OS) to change settings on the cooling. Only ask as currently the server has no hardware management tools only the HP Management Agents and WBEM Providers. 




Re: ML110G6 Fan Speed Settings



No such tools available from HP.

The 100 series servers wont even accept SmartStart CD to perform diagnostics.


If the fans are stopping when Windows booting or in Windows, can you try keeping the server in BIOS screen or even in Windows Safe Mode to see if fans work normally.

This will tell if the issue is with Windows OS.


Alternately you may try to update BIOS to see if it fixes the issue.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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