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ML115 G1 and graphic cards


ML115 G1 and graphic cards

I've used this server for testing and virtual machines (by the way, I'm very dissapointed that this server does not support Microsoft Hyper-V), but I want to convert it to home computer now. It mainly will be used to work with Photoshop, so I want to add graphic card to this server.
I know that there are problems with PCI-E cards, so my questions are:
1. If someone had luck with any PCI-E cards in this system?
2. How about PCI cards? Does they work properly? What is performace?


Re: ML115 G1 and graphic cards

I answering myself :-)
So the best configuration which I achieved is:
ATI Radeon HD 3450 PCI-E graphic board
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
and 3 GB of RAM.
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Re: ML115 G1 and graphic cards

Hi,i have a problem with Graphic card on ML115 GL1.
My Graphic card ATI Radeon 1600 and NVIDIA 6200 was not acknowledged on cold boot(at firsttime power on) and so screen resolution was corrupted with low resolution(maybe 800x600) and it was acknowledged as generic VGA Card.

but when everytime reboot(restart windows,)
it works find.
it is very very strange.

i tested and found that this problem occurred on vista,windows7,server2008,server2008 R2.(all of 32bit,64bit).
but,strangely i found on server 2003 works find always.

My memory bank 1.5GB (512MB x3)
i have no idea with this problem still now.
Do you know what can i do for fix this problem?
Help me,tell me your detail configuration.
1)Memory bank layout and each ram size.
2)is there custom BIOS configuraion
3)detail info for Graphic card Model .
which card correctly in below URL? searchkind=1&es=&keyword=ATI+Radeon+HD+3450+PCI+E&ismodelno=false

how can i fix this problem?
please tell me your knowhow.
Thank you