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ML115 G5 (Driving Me Insane) - Multiple Issues

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ML115 G5 (Driving Me Insane) - Multiple Issues



I am the owner of 2 ML115 G5 servers, which are both very lightly used.. (they are both about 4 years old now but have been used for under 200 hours I would estimate between them)


I've updated them both to the latest BIOS (and RILOE firmware to stop the fan noise), but both are still displaying the annoying traits that stopped me using them in the first place.. (and one's had its mainboard replaced so they are different batches/ages)


The problem I have in decending order of annoyance are:


1. Total incompatibility with some (but not all) Nvidia GPU's (8800 series in particular) - The card works 100% in other machines, but in this server it will only work after a BIOS reset has been carried out. Its 100% fine the first time after a reset, but prevents the machine posting (with no display) every subsequent boot - unless I reset the BIOS again. (This happens on both machines)


2. Intermittent issues with any USB keyboards where you cant enter the BIOS using it.. once in Windows or Linux it functions perfectly. Occasionally it works.. This appears to be completely random. PS/2 usually works - although approx 1 in 20 boots it fails too.. 


3. USB Mice dont work.. Until you get into the OS and pull them out and plug them back in.. Not a big issue.. but annoying non the less..


4. Entering the BIOS menu for the Event Log hangs the system and requires a hard reset.. The bios banner is still moving.. so its not dead.. but its unresponsive to USB/PS/2 Keyboards.. 



I realise it sounds like I am having a moan and I am sortof.. however I have never had these problems with other HP servers so I just wondered if anyone had any advice or tips to resolve these issues?


I've tried BIOS up/downgrades.. I've messed with Jumpers and have no luck!