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ML115 G5 Embedded RAID controller


ML115 G5 Embedded RAID controller

I would like confirmation. I have a RAID 1 pair configured originally with the Embeded RAID s/w during startup BEFORE the SBS 2008 OS was installed some 2/3 years back. There is no hardware installed for this RAID - only the original server facilities.


When I restart the server now I have noticed an ERROR and DEGRADED is reported. I assume that one of the drives has failed and have bought  a new one to replace it. I do not know which drive has failed.


I have the following queries?


1. using the restart route how can I determine which drive is faulty?


2. I have downloaded both the CLI and Graphical Utilities from the server downloads but they do not discover the RAID.The Graphical one does not list any RAIDs at all. How do I get these to work?


3. Are the RAID Utility downloads meant for this type of RAID setup?


4. I have not loaded any other HP management software for the server. Which would be the best to download and install?


I attach a screen shot of the Diagnostics run.


Re: ML115 G5 Embedded RAID controller



According to the screenshot, the server has Nvidia nForce Raid Controller.

HP Array utilities can detect and work with HP Smart Array controller only.


Refer to this document for more help on this Nvidia controller.




Re: ML115 G5 Embedded RAID controller

So this will be OK for Windows 2008 (selected from the 2003 link)? Just wondered why it is not available on the SBS linked route.


I will uninstall the software I downloaded from the ML115G5 page.


Can you tell me what management (PSP) software does also work for this server so I can mamange the other firmware drivers?


Thanks for the advice.