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ML115 G5 RAID 1

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ML115 G5 RAID 1

I have a ML115 G5 server running W2K3 R2 x86, when I built the server I added 2* 150GB HDDs and build a RAID 1 (mirror) on the two HDDs using the NVIDIA nForce RAID controller. I built two partitions within Windows, C: for system and D: for data, the data partition is almost hitting max capacity and I need to increase the size of the partition. I have considered adding two new SATA HDDs and building another RAID 1, if this is possible (if there are any articles avilable on this using the hardware RAID controller I would be interested to read these) or option 2 copying all the data from the HDDs and adding two new HDDs (may terabyte disks) and building a RAID 1, however this will involve alot of work as this server is a Windows DC running DNS, DHCP, etc, if anyone has any other way to accomplish my task please reply.
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Yes you can add 2 more hard drives as the server has total 6 SATA ports available and has the option to create one more RAID1 array from RAID BIOS, I am not sure about 1TB disks but 500gb is supported,


I have query if someone can answer...


one of our customer has HP ML115 G5 server went down due to mother board failure, we had to replace the server board.

After replacing the systemboard we found that disk management showing 2 physical drives and double logical volumes, later we found that RAID was not enabled in the BIOS and we enabled it, but the raid status was rebuild for whole night and even next day as well, O/S dint boot as it did earlier, it started giving some directory services error and continually restarting, ultimately we had to rebuild the entire server from the scratch.


can anyone tell me the exact cause of the problem, is it because we connected the hard drives and booted the server without enabling the RAID in the BIOS or something else?


Please answer...................




Pradeep Danthi
Technical Consultant